Please note:

We operate a policy that we do NOT require a damage deposit as we trust that clients will take reasonable care of the property but we do expect that accidents/breakages may occasionally occur which we would appreciate honesty in reporting. The industry guideline is the complete opposite of our policy.

We wish to continue operating our 'policy of trust' to which we have to rely on the integrity and behaviour of those who visit.

Aphrodite Hills is an exclusive 5* resort in which it is expected that all guests, visitors and resort personnel conduct themselves in a manner that shows consideration, decency and friendliness to others and their properties at all times.

CANCELLATION POLICY: any refund remains at the owners discretion but bereavement/serious illness aside, as a guideline we intend to follow the following critique:

(so outside 6wks of the intended arrival date):
Deposits are deemed non-refundable except in the following circumstance:
50% of deposit amount will be refunded if flights are cancelled by airline and no other similar flights are obtainable.

(so within 6wks of intended arrival date)
If a client cancels the reservation after a full or final payment has been made and we can rent to another party for the same dates/rate then 50% of all monies paid would be returned. However the client understands and acknowledges that the owner has no obligation to re-reserve upon a client's cancellation. The reservation may be cancelled by the owner in the event the property is withdrawn from the client for whatever reason and in that event our liability to the client is limited to the rental paid to date and does not cover air tickets and other travel related costs.
If a client cancels due to flights being withdrawn by an airline and no similar alternative flights can be obtained at similar cost the amount of refund shall be at the owners discretion but to a maximum of 50% of all monies paid to date.