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Official Cyprus Tourism Organisation
• With its world-renowned weather it should be of no surprise to learn that Cyprus is actually the sunniest island in the Mediterranean, so is ideally suited to those who choose a holiday offering the finer weather outdoor pursuits such as golf & tennis. For those who simply prefer a relaxing sunbathing holiday with the availability of an indulgent spa treatment or two thrown in for good measure then Aphrodite Hills, Cyprus is the place for you.

• An island of great scenic beauty with a startling variety of landscapes, there are sandy beaches, unspoilt villages, vineyards, citrus & olive groves and shady forests of pine & cedar.

• Cyprus has been fought over by the Ancient Greeks, Egyptians, Romans, Venetians, the Ottomans & the British which means that there are plenty of historical & archaeological sites to explore.

• Greek is the population's first language, but English is widely spoken & understood almost everywhere. Knowledge of French, Russian & German is increasing.

• Cyprus maintains a high standard of living but with lower prices than most of its' rival locations.

• With its strong links to Greek culture and tradition Cyprus is very family orientated. Therefore anyone considering a visit to this island should be content in the knowledge that there are plenty of activities to satisfy all of the travelling party regardless of age and gender all year round.

• Cyprus, for the business traveller, is located at the meeting point of 3 continents providing an advantageous location, combined with both 21st Century infrastructure & technology to compete on equal terms with similar resort destinations worldwide.

• The island can now be reached by relatively cheap flights to Cyprus & explored by relatively cheap car hire & petrol prices.